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Ron Campbell

Founder & President


Ron Campbell, CFP ®, RFC® is the founder and principal of Campbell Financial Services.  Ron has over 40 years of “in the trenches” experience in the financial services industry.  Ron has served as an adjunct faculty member at various high schools and community colleges, and has taught those same courses at several companies. Ron has served as host of radio's Successful Business Hour and has been quoted and published in various publications including USA Today, Forbes, Newsweek , The Suit and many more.

Specializing with retirees and those about to retire, Ron utilizes strategies that focus on income and capital preservation.  What worked in the accumulation phase of one’s life may not work as well during the distribution phase. Ron believes when it comes to managing retirement funds, there is more to be gained by avoiding losses rather than picking the apparent winners. With changing demographics and our county’s financial woes, Ron believes risk, taxes, penalties and inflation need to be considered before implementing any retirement income strategy.

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